YMCA Value Statement on inclusion

– Weltratstagung 2018, Chiang Mai (Thailand) –

Diversity around the globe was accepted in the founding document of the World
Alliance of YMCAs in 1855, where it is stated that no issues, however important
they may be, shall divide the YMCA. The focus is on unity in Christ – “that they all
may be one.”

Therefore – diversity and inclusion are core to the YMCA movement.
Therefore – the YMCA movement is open and inclusive of all people regardless of
their ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and
socioeconomic background.

However, we admit that we are not perfect in demonstrating God’s unconditional
love, and that it is an ongoing process to become fully inclusive in order to
improve our service to humanity.

Therefore, the YMCA movement must strive courageously against any
discriminatory behaviour and will always abide by the UN Human Rights

Chiang Mai, 2018