Will there be an EYWC 2024 ? Yes of course- here is the safe the date card - YMCA camp Michelstadt/Frankfurt

New dates :


we are on the way to 2024
Michelstadt 2.-10.August Camp
12.-14.April Preperation Weekend/Michelstadt


European YMCA Youth Workers Camp

Do you want to go to Europe? We invite you to one week Europe compact in the YMCA Youth Workers Camp for volunteers from the YMCA. Under the motto "Colours against discrimination", more than 80 young employees between 16 and 25 years old from the European YMCAs will meet in this Camp . They will exchange about youth work in different social contexts, discover diversity as an enrichment for youth work through experimental learning, get to know new models of youth work that are suitable for developing social skills and their own personality. On the program are outdoor-experience with tree-house experiences, experiential education and experimental learning, music and creativity with TEN SING, camp-band to join, YMCA group leader training, multi-media and social-media discoveries, SPORT and movement. There is further information after a mail to